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Bleach & Disinfectants


Business Thickened Bleach 1 Litre


5 Star Facilities (1 Litre) Thickened Bleach.For general purpose cleaning and sterilising.Thickened bleach clings to surfaces and kills a wide range of germs.Care required when storing - store in cool/dry conditions.Comes in an angle head bottle.

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Jeyes Parazone Bleach 750ml Ref 1016014


Parozone Strongest Bleach has been formulated to kill germs, eliminate odours and remove tough stains from around your home, leaving it clean and germ-free. All the products in the range have been tested and approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute...

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Zoflora Lavander 500ml 1190339


Zoflora Disinfectant has a unique 3 in 1 action that kills 99.9% of all known bacteria and viruses, eliminates odours and leaves a lasting fresh fragrance. The delightful lavender fragrance is ideal for cleaning in the home or for professional use,...

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